Monday, 23 October 2017

Various kinds of annoying people on road

Now-a-days, roads are fully filled with idiotic people. They won't let others reach their destinations on time. One of these kinds are the people who suddenly appear from nowhere in the middle of the road, as if they are some time travellers who took break from time travelling in the middle of the road. They can cross the road at the zebra crossing or they can go to the other end through foot over bridge, but no they enjoy reaching the other end only from the middle of the road, where vehicles are speeding up.

I saw many people while driving show the right indicator and then go to the left. It seems as if there is no coordination between their mind and body or they might be some kind of lunatics who have least knowledge about road sense. These people think of something and do something else. These kind of people are the major reasons for the day-to-day increase in road accidents.

One of their kinds, are the people who come and smash the rear end of the vehicle when while one is waiting for his turn to go at the traffic signal. Already the guy is waiting there as if he has been there since ages and to add salt to his injury the foolish guy comes and hits his vehicle's rear end. The main target of this foolish guy will always be the tail light and the other parts come as substitutes to it.

Spitters are the people who continuously spit on the road while driving, they don't even see whether there is any one around us or not. Mainly, the spitters from the buses are awful. The paan eating spitters are the king of the spitters. They think that they are making some art on the road. I think the government should start preparing red roads instead of black roads to satisfy the paan spitters, because the main reason for the spitting on the road by the paan spitters is to paint the road red with their spit because I don't find any other reasons for them to spit on roads.

Some other kind of people are the occupiers who want to occupy the whole road. They won't let the vehicles behind them to overtake or to go ahead of them. They go to right when one is going to the right side and they go to left when one is trying to go left side. They are very rash drivers. They think that driving on roads is like driving on the race track and they start competing with each and every vehicle on the road.

Most of the times, these kind of people forget that due to their negligence others may even lose their lives. They least care about others lives. All these kinds of people should change their behaviour so as to reduce number of accidents that are occuring on the road because of their idiotic and annoying behaviour. 


  1. Seriously, I hate when people spit on others. It's very nasty to do that.

    1. Thanks GOLGE WORLD. Thanks a lot for commenting on my blog. It means a lot.


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