Thursday, 2 November 2017

Spending a day without my smartphone (Phonelope)

One day it so happened that early in the morning when I woke up, I found that my smartphone was not working. So, I took my smartphone to get it repaired. The repair shop owner told me that it will take one whole day to repair it. So, I gave the phone and told him that I will come tomorrow to take my phone back. As soon as I left the repair shop, I started missing my smartphone. As I was so much attached to it that I even named my phone as, "Phonelope (Penelope)".

I was feeling as if I lost one of the essential parts of my body. I was so much addicted to Phonelope (my smartphone) that it became very difficult for me to spend even a single second without it. My day used to start with it and used to end with it. Yeah, it is so much true, I used to wake up only when the sweet music of the alarm from my smartphone used to wake me up and I used to end my day by setting alarm in my smartphone before sleeping.

I was never departed from Phonelope, my smartphone, since the day I bought it from the store. But on that day I was feeling a little bit frail without it. I was feeling as if one of my vital organs is missing.

I always had my Phonelope with me, I never left my home without it. I never wore a wrist watch as Phonelope was with me to show the time. I used to set the remainder and used to forget it, but Phonelope used to remind me of each and everything. I was able to see the news from various parts of the world with the help of Phonelope, just by clicking Google, YouTube, etc,. I used to receive information of each and everything that is going around the world. But, on that day, I felt as if I was detached from the rest of the world.

To fan the flame, people started asking me the time, started discussing about the breaking news of the day, and few others started asking me the score of a football match which was telecasted on the same day ( I was missing the match like anything).

On that day, I was totally lost. I found myself totally disconnected from the outside world. I had no clue of what was going around the world. I was unable to call my friends or family, I was not even able to text anyone.

On the very same day, I went to a grocery store to buy few items and found that, my mathematical skills have totally reduced. When I was in my high school, I was able to calculate the total amount of all the items which I used to buy, but on that day I realised that without Phonelope I cannot even calculate the amount of two to three items which I bought at the grocery store. Before Phonelope entered my life, I was easily able to connect with everyone by one way or the other, but on that particular day I found myself lonely and bored. This proves that how much I got addicted to my smartphone.

I went to sleep very early on that day, but woke up very late the next morning, as I did not set any alarm. As soon as I woke up, I got freshed up and went straight to the smartphone repair shop to know whether he repaired my phone or not. The shop owner completed the process and gave my smartphone to me. At that particular moment, I felt as if a dear one of mine has returned from ICU (Intensive Care Unit) that too happily and without any complications.  So after that day, I took good care of Phonelope and never left it alone even for a single day.


  1. Lol "phonelope" the same thing happened to me the day I forgot my phone at home to work. I felt useless that day because there ate some important calls I had wanted to return and messages. Phone is very essential to keep up with our daily activities

    1. Thanks GLOGE WORLD. I really appreciate your kind gesture.

  2. Phone has become addiction.. it's good also n bad too.. we have become apart from the outside world... but at the same time get so much help from it...nice article..I enjoyed reading.. n thank God that shop owner returned to you..hehehe

    1. Thanks Pramila Shrivas. Thanks for the encouragement.


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