Thursday, 16 November 2017

The story of a new train.

This is the story of a new train which entered the platform for the first time. The train looked spick and span. The seats, the berths, everything from engine to last bogie of the train was new and dust free (from last bogie, I remembered that the last bogie of the train is always marked with the letter 'X' which indicates that it is the last bogie and that there will not be any other bogie attached to it after this). By looking at the surroundings, the train got petrified because everything around it was filled with garbage and dust. The nearby trains were hideously laughing at her, for which it couldn't understand why they were laughing at her.

As soon as the train was on the platform, the passengers started getting inside the train. By this time, everything was extremely clean. As the passengers started settling themselves in the train, the cleanliness started to disappear. The train started observing people, who were destroying the tidiness of the train.

It saw people, who were writing rubbish on the seats and walls of the train. They were even plucking the sponge, cotton, and springs by cutting the seats with blade. When asked by the other passengers that why they were cutting seats, those fellows who were cutting the seats just replied that they were just doing it for fun.

The train was also filled with paan and gutkha (tobacco products) spitters. These spitters have not only spitted on the platform, but also started spitting in the train and started making the bogies look ugly. They don't even realize that if they are spitting from the windows on a running train, the spit is falling on the other passengers through the other window. The only thing these spitters know is that to put paan and gutkha in their mouth and spit it out after they thoroughly chew them. I don't know why they chew it because anyhow they are spitting it out. So, what is the need of buying these tobacco products at all.

Along with these spitters, there were these cigarette smokers, who were creating pollution clouds in all the compartments wherever they are seating. Other people started colliding with each other because of invisibility due to the smoke created by the cigarette smokers throughout their compartments.

Few people in the train were so dirty that they don't even flush the toilets. They feel as if they are the only people in the whole world who are in hurry and they don't even have time to just push the flush button. These kind of people make the whole train smell bad.

Finally, there were these ugly people who eat peanuts, bananas, etc., and throw the peel all around the place. Even if they eat a small chocolate, they throw the chocolate wrappers here and there. They want everything around them to be untidy and dirty. They make the whole place simply look like a garbage.

By the time the train reached it's destination, it realized why those fellow trains were hideously laughing at her. It never expected that it would become so dirty in the first journey itself.

Most of the people think that railway personnel are not maintaining the trains properly, but if everyone stops behaving badly and starts keeping the surroundings clean then everything would be neat and clean, as after all "Cleanliness is next to Godliness".
Fun Corner:
Teacher: Why are you late?
Student: Because I saw a sign.
Teacher: What sign?
Student: Go slow, school ahead.


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