Monday, 4 December 2017

Know, why water is so important for our life?

Have you ever wondered why water is so important for our life? Why we need water at all? Does water reduce the risk of any illnesses? Yes, water is very essential part of our life. Water has many properties and we can use water in many ways. Water is elixir of life. Water is a gift from God to all the living beings on earth. It helps in curing most of the diseases. Water plays an important role for our survival on earth. Water exists in many forms and our body consists of 70% of water, not only our body 70% of earth is covered in water.

Percentage of water in our body:

Our brain consists of 75% water. It makes up 83% of blood. It composes 22% of our bones and joints. Heart consists of 79%, lungs 80%, liver 72%, kidney 83%, and muscles 75%.

Water helps to:

Quench thirst, cushions joints and bones. It helps in carrying the nutrients and oxygen to the cells of our body. It helps in moistening oxygen for breathing. It helps in converting food to energy. It protects and cushions our vital organs. It helps our body to absorb nutrients. It helps in removing wastes and toxins from our body. It also helps in reducing bad breath.

Uses of water:

In our daily life we use water in many ways. We use it to wash clothes.  We take shower with water. It is used to quench thirst. It is used for brushing our teeth etc.

Water cures:

Ulcers- Ulcers which occur in the internal organs such as stomach, duodenum, etc., can be cured with sufficient intake of water from time to time because ulcers mainly occur when there is no intake of food or water for a long time period thus forms a wound in the internal organs. If water is consumed timely, would reduce the risk of occurrence of ulcers.

 Heartburns - Heartburns occurs due to water shortage in our body, if antacids or any other medications are given, may result in inflammation of the stomach and duodenum and may lead to ulceration or even cancer. Instead time to time intake of water will reduce the occurrence of heart burns.

Dehydration -Loss of water in the body leads to dehydration, if not rehydrated quickly, may lead to low blood pressure and the dehydrated person may even faint.

Kidney stones - It is suggested that when a person suffers from kidney stones, he should be given plenty of water to drink daily, this will help in removing the stones from the kidney in the form of urine. If not acted on time this may lead to kidney failure. So, to reduce kidney failure risk drink plenty of water.

Not only the above mentioned, but also it helps in curing many other diseases. So, drink plenty of water to stay healthy.

Wastage of water:

Though we, human beings, know that water is very important for our life, but still we waste lots of water. When only one bucket of water is required for washing clothes, we use two to three buckets. While brushing our teeth we open the tap and leave it open until we finish brushing. We unnecessarily waste lots of water in the toilets. If we continue to waste water like this, then our future generations may suffer a lot due to water scarcity.

Contamination of water:

Though 70% of earth is covered in water only 2.5% is fresh. Because of global warming, this percentage may even reduce in the coming years. Even after knowing all this, most of the rivers and lakes are being contaminated by washing clothes in them, by throwing garbage in them, bathing of cattle and sending industrial wastes into them. We know that we cannot survive without water, but still we contaminate it by doing all this.

Water conservation:

If timely precautions are not taken to save water then this may lead to drought everywhere around the world. Uneven climatic changes which are harmful for living beings, may occur. It may also lead to global warming. So, to prevent all these we should strive to conserve water. Water conservation can be done in many ways. Some of the methods through which we can conserve water are by using low flush toilets, low flow showers, low flow taps in the sinks or wash basins, rain water harvesting, etc. Save water, because water plays a vital role for our survival.

To know the true value of water one should ask the people who live in regions where there is scarcity of water. Those people walk miles together to get just one pot of water, but as water is easily available to us, we least care about it.

Health tip:

Drink 2 to 4 glasses of water on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning, before brushing your teeth. After sometime brush and clean your mouth and don't drink or eat anything for 45 minutes. This procedure will help in removal of toxins and wastes much faster than usual from our body. Thus, we can reduce the risk of diseases like high blood pressure, gastric problems, constipation, kidney problems, and tuberculosis with in few days.



  1. Yes, how well do I know the body needs water. When we don't get it, we set ourselves up for failure... literally. I do try and drink one glass before anything else in the mornings but I didn't know you had to wait 45 minutes before consuming anything else! Thanks for that tid bit of info.

  2. Yes I agree. Without water we can't expect the existence of our soul.


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