Friday, 15 December 2017

Few tips and diet to help reduce your stress.

Now-a-days, people are busy with their own lives and no one seems to be concerned about their health. Everyone is busy with their professional lives and are being dragged to poor health habits because of continuous work. No one is having time for their loved ones. Everyone is being detached from their personal lives. This is the reason which is leading them towards stressful life. Stress in one's life will lead to many mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, dementia, schizophrenia, etc. One should try to reduce stress before it leads them to some serious mental illnesses. So, few tips and diet that are helpful to reduce stress are given below:
TIPS: Some tips which will help reduce your stress levels are mentioned below, try them out to reduce your stress.

Break: Take a break for few minutes in the working hours. Don't continuously stress out yourself. A small break will help in relaxing your mind and body. It gives you time to think peacefully.

Laugh: Laugh, it helps in relieving the stress by relaxing your muscles. Watch comedy shows and films, they help in relieving your tensions. Studies show that laughing therapy helps in reducing stress to a large extent. Few people even join laughing clubs and start laughing loudly in the parks and clubs early in the morning to reduce stress.

Chewing gum: Chewing gum helps in relaxing and reduces stress. Most of the sportsmen chew gum to reduce tension.

Family and friends: Spend most of the time with your family and friends, this helps in lowering anxiety and stress levels. Try to share your views and thoughts because they are the people who understand you more than anyone else in the whole world.
Music: Listening to music also helps in reducing stress levels. Music helps to soothe the mind. It helps in providing positive vibrations to the mind and body.
Yoga: Yoga is considered to be the best solution for reducing stress. Take yoga classes, it is highly helpful in maintaining the blood pressure. It helps in keeping your mind calm and peaceful.
Say No: Always try to say no to the over workloads given to you at your work place because the more you do the more work will be given to you. Instead of giving work to others, they start giving the whole work to you. If you start saying no, then the work will definitely be distributed among everyone and your work stress will also reduce.
Caffeine: Reduce caffeine intake because high doses of caffeine increases anxiety. This will lead to stress and depression in the later stages.
Exercise: Exercise daily because it lowers body's stress hormones and improves sleep quality. If sleep is better then there is no question of stress at all.
DIET: A good diet is to be maintained to reduce the stress levels. Diet plays an important role in reducing the stress. Try to add one of the below mentioned edibles daily in your diet.

Banana: Banana is a natural beta blocker. It is rich in potassium. When we are in stress, metabolic rate raises and lowers the potassium level, bananas helps in restoring the potassium and thus help in reducing the stress levels.
Cashew nuts: They are a good source of zinc. Low level of zinc leads to anxiety, depression and increase the stress levels. So cashew nuts help in lowering the stress levels and also help in controlling anxiety and depression.

Dark chocolate: It contains antioxidants which lowers blood pressure and gives a feeling of calmness. It is very useful and helps in reducing stress and tensions in the mind.

Salmon fish: It contains omega 3 fatty acids which reduces anxiety and is considered very essential for body and brain.

Spinach: It contains magnesium which regulates the blood pressure. Spinach also helps in reducing the occurrence of depression.

Oatmeal: It helps the brain in generating destressing neurotransmitter serotonin which reduces stress to a large extent.
Try to follow the tips and diet in your daily life to reduce your stress problems. Health is wealth, without good health there is nothing useful for us in this whole world. So, stay healthy and lead a better life.  
Fun Corner:
Man on phone.
Man: Doctor, my wife is pregnant and is going to give birth to my child anytime now.
Doctor: Is this her first child?
Man: No you idiot, this is her husband.


  1. very informative.keep it up and will follow your blogs.thanku

  2. Of course I don't eat a lot of these things, or do a lot of these things. No wonder I'm so stressed out! Lol

  3. Nice tips.. I often eat spinach but I liked the tips on shewing gum.


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